Covid-19 and Ealing Foodbank

20th July 2021

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to help those referred to us, with emergency food supplies and access to advice and support.  

As government guidance on Covid-19 continues to change, and as we live in a borough with high infection rates, and proportionately low vaccination rates, the Trustees and Manager feel it is important to continue with certain measures to be on the safe side.  

Please continue to wear a face mask when visiting any of our centres, the warehouse or the office.

Whilst the requirement for social distancing has also changed, please also respect others and allow them space to feel safe by not over-crowding.  Hand sanitizer continues to be available at the door, and we request that you use this before entering.

If you are unable to wear a face covering, you will still not be able to enter the building, but we will do our best to help you from the doorway.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.



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