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Check out our volunteer roles.

Our volunteers come from all different backgrounds, with the united mission of helping those experiencing financial hardship. However, all of our volunteers must be 18 years old or older.

There are lots of different ways to volunteer at Ealing Foodbank, both client facing and behind the scenes. Here is a list of our latest opportunities:

  1. Drivers: Drivers use their own vehicles to move crates of food from our warehouse to our centres around the borough. Drivers also might collect food from donation points around the borough like supermarkets and bring it to the warehouse. You’ll need a car with a large boot and a strong back.
  2. Supermarket Food Collection volunteers: We have 5-6 food collections at local supermarkets every year and we need volunteers who we can call on to help out on a Saturday (sometimes a Thursday or a Friday too). The role involves handing out shopping lists or receiving donations from shoppers.
  3. Centre volunteers: Centre volunteers help with set up and tidy up and spend time with individual clients, helping them to select the food that they need. For this role you’ll need a friendly smile, and the ability to communicate with people of all different backgrounds. We’re on our feet for a few hours at a time, so don’t forget your comfy shoes. We’re always looking for volunteers who speak different languages. Konkani, Polish, Arabic, Punjabi are a few examples, but any language skills will eventually be useful!

Please email us if you are interested in volunteering. We don’t need all types of volunteers in every centre, but we’ll be able to let you know the most current opportunities.


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