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We’re currently looking for:

  • Client centre team
  • Drivers

Ealing Foodbank vision, mission and values:  

Founded in 2013 by members of over 40 different Christian churches and communities, Ealing Foodbank is a Church-led Christian Organisation.

Other supporters include many local schools, individuals and businesses (of all faiths and none).

We seek to extend the grace and love of Jesus Christ by who we are and what we do for those who need help in the form of emergency food parcels, offer of prayer, and other advice and support, and welcome people from all walks of life to join with us in this endeavour.

Ealing Foodbank will welcome volunteers from all faiths or none, who are comfortable with, sympathetic to and respectful of the Christian basis of the organisation and its activities.

Please click here for our full Vision, Mission and Values statement.

Please note, the majority of activity we undertake happens during the normal working week.  Details of opening times and venues are on the registration form.

Please read through these brief descriptions of the volunteer roles, and then click on the link at the bottom of the page to register.

Thank you!

Foodbank centre volunteer (opportunities in Southall, Acton, Greenford, Perivale and Northolt)

Meet clients and give out food parcels. Times of operation 3 hrs per session (times vary), every day except Sunday.  You will need to provide references as part of the registration.

In-centre Admin volunteer (opportunities in Southall, Acton, Greenford and Northolt)

This is a client facing role, and will require references.  You need to be confident using a computer (training will be given on how to use our database), and will help receive clients with their referral code, or assist them in getting a referral code.

Triage Advice Support at centres

Speak to clients at the centres and see if they can benefit from further support and advice from the Help through Crisis program.  You will need to provide references for this role.

Warehouse volunteer (no current opportunities)

Weigh, sort and store donated food before it is sent to the centres where clients come to collect. Times of operations vary during the working week.


We use volunteer owned vehicles to move food around the borough from supermarket collection points, to the warehouse, and then on to the foodbank centres.  This requires you to have your own large car/van and a strong back!

Supermarket In-store collections

These happen several times a year in local supermarkets.  You will be greeting shoppers and encouraging them to support the foodbank.  We collect on weekdays and at weekends.


Whilst we mostly need food and helping hands, we do need some money to keep going as well.  So if you have fundraising experience, and time to be part of a team of fundraisers, let us know.  You can also make financial donations here


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Volunteer with Crosslight Advice

and see people’s lives be transformed as get back on their feet through debt advice, money education and person-centred support.  Click here for their website – please opt for Ealing Branch if you decide to sign up.  Full training will be given by Crosslight Advice.

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